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Spiral Tree Perc with 6-arm Beaker Ice Bong Green Bubbler

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  • ★High quality borosiliciate glass construction
  • ★Stable, round foot and extra-thick mouthpiece
  • ★Inline to Triple Honeycomb Disc
  • ★Direct inject design,Beautiful spiral surface
  • ★Classic straight tube straight neck
  • Specs
  • Height: 13.9 inch
  • Foot Diameter:3.3inch
  • Joint Size : 20mm Female
  • Slide bowl:12mm Male
  • Downstem length:3.3inch
  • Weight:500g
  • Manual measurement error:0.2-0.4in
  • Description
  • 1.Place your herbs in the bowl, which connects to a diffuser downstem. A 6-arm tree percolator bubbles up your smoke and a slitted splashguard prevents water from splashing into your mouth.
  • 2.Some ice notches can hold a few cubes, for an extra cool toke. This results in a silky smooth hit that is packed with flavor and much easier on the throat and lungs.
  • 3.The colored neck, waist and bowl, give the tube a visual boost.The spiral surface style makes this tube more unique  
Color Green

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous, functional and affordable Review by Kayla Dancy
I'm a bonafide patient not criminal type.
This is first: gorgeous, second affordable and third functional. The no carb issue is easily fixed by wrapping a few turns of black electrical tape around the stem, I wrapped mine just under the rubber factory piece and I it comes out now.
Can't go wrong for the price either, craftsmanship is exquisite. All around good (Posted on 8/29/2017)
Great product, super cute Review by Lisa Olson
It said the ETA was almost 2 months but, it got here in 11 days! Great product, super cute, nice thick glass. Love it! (Posted on 8/29/2017)
Beautifully crafted Review by Sophie Nunni
Beautifully designed and assembled glass piece. You will want to very thoroughly wash it inside and out with hot water and soap, however. Works well. Very good packaging and reasonably fast shipping from China. I would like to order another, taller glass piece. (Posted on 8/29/2017)

3 Item(s)

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