There are many different variations of bowls for both water pipes and dab rigs. They come in many sizes, colors, designs, shapes, etc. All bowls come in either a male or female, this determines what type of joint it fits into.

You need to know whether your piece has a male or female joint so you won't purchase the wrong bowl. Not only do you need to know the “sex” of your glass piece but also the size. Joint's usually come in sizes 14mm and 18mm.

The Size and Make of the Bowl

There are two aspects of a bowl that a consumer has to get correct for the bowl to work. The size here refers to the diameter of the bowl’s connection joint, which may be a measurement such as 18 mm. It’s important that this diameter be accurate or it won’t fit. The make refers to either glass in plastic or glass on glass. Here, plastic or glass refers to the make of the water pipe. The different types of bowl are not interchangeable.

Depth and Width of the Bowl

The depth and width of the bowl controls how much can be packed and smoked at once. Larger bowls are more suited for sharing, whereas smaller bowls may be more suited towards single use. A larger bowl may be unreasonably large for a single person, as it does need to be packed in order to be easily used. Likewise smaller bowls will need to be packed more frequently.

So let's say you have the Banger Hanger Recycler/Dab Rig by Glob Squad, which has a 14mm female joint. What kind and size bowl will you need? The correct answer is you’ll need a 14mm male bowl, either a flower/herb bowl or a banger to take dabs in.

A majority of smaller dab rigs or water pipes will require a 14mm female or bowl pieces. Larger pieces require 18mm female or male bowl pieces.

Solid Glass or Hollow Bowls

Solid glass bowls burn hotter and usually harsher than hollow bowls, but they often come in unique and interesting designs and are more durable. Hollow bowls circulate air within them and sometimes come with a carb, so they don’t need to be raised up when smoking. In general, hollow bowls are more pleasant to smoke with but more expensive.

Single Use and Multi Use Bowls

Some bowls are designed to accommodate only marijuana. Others can accommodate concentrates, and others may be able to burn both. In addition to the type of use the bowl offers, the bowl itself may have additional features, such as secondary filters. These features are designed to make the process of smoking both more comfortable and more potent.

Once you do have a hang of what kind of bowl piece you need, switching them out is the fun part because it’s kind of like an accessory for your bong or rig. It gives it personality and style. If you are a Star Wars fan add a Darth Vader Helmet bowl piece to show your fan-dom. If you have a love for animals you can add a Leopard Print bowl to your water pipe for some extra flair. No matter what your into there is definitely a bowl piece out there for your specific interest and style.

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