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19 Inch Classic Straight Glass Bong Pipe /Blue

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  • ★High quality borosiliciate glass construction
  • ★Stable,Wide foot and extra-thick mouthpiece
  • ★Direct inject design
  • ★Double Tree Perc for better Percolation
  • Specs
  • Height: 19inch
  • Foot Diameter:4.7inch
  • Width:2inch
  • Description
  • 1、"It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it!" This Percolator Water-Pipe deserves a place on your party table for its durable practicability and visual shape .
  • 2.Each disc uses holes to break up water flow while keeping a strong airflow. So you can let that smoke stack and clear it with ease.
  • 3.The 8-arm slitted and reinforced removable tree perc, with a glass-on-glass male joint that fits into the tubes female joint. Easy to remove the tree perc for thorough cleaning, and you can mix and match with any other removable perc that you like in the same size
Color Blue

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